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Achieving Excellent Results

The key to results is Patience and Persistence.

We see every variation of surface veins on every part of the body. This is from having a small patch of tiny spider veins on one leg to spider veins on the arms, chest, breasts, neck, back and face. Spider veins are most often connected to and fed by bigger blue veins visible through the skin. This is commonly seen on the outside of both thighs and the inside of the knee and calves. Larger blue veins that bulge above the surface of the skin are defined as Varicose Veins and are mostly seen along the inside of the legs and behind the knees and calves. The ankles often have very many visible mixtures of spider and blue veins.

Due to this huge variability it is essential that Dr Retief first do a clinical examination (which may include an ultrasound duplex scan of the legs) and assess what treatment program is appropriate for the patient. Most patients have a mixture of spiders and blues.

The bigger blue veins need fewer treatments, but as mentioned previously usually take 4 to 6 months to look normal. When treating blue veins the patient is also required to wear surgical compression stockings/pantyhose for 7 days following treatment. For these reasons patients often choose to treat the bigger blue veins in winter.

If one is only treating spider veins, one may treat these at any time of the year since they do not take more than 3 to 6 weeks to look normal. However, spider veins need more frequent treatments to achieve results. Therefore when treating spider veins we will advise having a certain number of treatments being done on a weekly basis, followed by further treatments spaced further and further apart. Please make sure that you check and understand Dr Retief’s recommendations which he will write at the end of this document on completion of your veins assessment. The average case of both spiders and blues will usually need a total of 6 to 8 treatments which will start with 3 of those treatments being done one week apart; the 4th being done 2 to 3 weeks later, and the 5th treatment being done 3 to 4 weeks later and so on with increasing gaps between treatments. At the start of every treatment Dr Retief will check your progress and make appropriate treatment decisions with Sister Debbie Rhodes.

Remember that in both Sclerotherapy and Thermo-Coagulation the effects of the treatment will result in the treated areas often looking worse for a few weeks to as much as 4 to 6 months, depending on health and skin type. This appearance will slowly clear as enough time passes for the healing of the bruising and inflamed skin. If you are worried by what you see you must telephone us. If necessary we will ask you to come in to the clinic to quickly check that there is nothing to be concerned about. There almost never is.

As stated earlier there are many factors that may influence the speed with which you respond to the treatment – smoking, high blood pressure, hormonal factors, occupation and many others. However, we have almost certainly treated people worse than you and we doubt that you have anything we haven’t seen before. Your patience and persistence will reward you!